The Waterloo Cat Project

$20 will help feed a colony for 1 week or spay/neuter 1 cat.

When Blue Arrow Records first opened, we weren’t aware of the large number of feral homeless cats struggling to survive within a few blocks of our store. Being huge animal advocates, it didn’t take us long to notice and spring into action. We were fortunate to meet other concerned residents who showed us how to really help the cats and to humanely reduce the population at the same time by implementing the trap-neuter/spay-return method (TNR). With TNR, the cats are trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated for rabies, ear-tipped, and if feral, returned to their original territory, then looked after by providing food and shelter so that they can live out happy, healthy lives.

The Waterloo Alley Cat Project is a volunteer organization with the mission of not only helping the cats in the neighborhood, but also helping the Waterloo Business District from the heart. The sight of free roaming cats and kittens can project a negative image of an uncaring community. Since last year, we have spayed and neutered over 300 cats which conservatively translates to preventing over 500 kittens being born a year!

Please help us to continue our progress by making a tax deductible donation. The Waterloo Alley Cat Project is an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit, all volunteer run organization, EIN # 61-1849310

Please make checks payable to:
P.O. Box 19246
Cleveland OH, 44119
OR via PayPal to: