Cory Grinder & The Playboy Scouts

Cory Grinder And The Playboy Scouts are affectionately known for their blue bus and encouraging others to join their troop. The band has an exciting live show that is also quite adaptable to the setting. They fit very well playing dancehalls for two steppers, but aren’t afraid to turn it up at a rowdy bar gig. Simply put, the band aims to please.

Tebbs Karney, provides the silky, smooth sounds of the pedal steel which drives the group along with strong harmony vocals. The low end is expertly handled by Joe Wolfe on bass and Bee Roberts is the band’s tight drummer. The band also often features the phenomenal Anthony Papaleo on electric guitar. Leading the group on rhythm guitar, Cory Grinder writes original country tunes influenced by favorites like Merle Haggard, Roger Miller, and Willie Nelson.

2018 saw the release of their first album, “Cahoots and Other Favorites,” recorded with Grammy and Emmy nominated producer, David Mayfield. The release of their next full length, original album, “Honky Tonkin Beauty Supreme”  is set to come out June 2021.

2022 Tour Dates