Jonathan Richman

“Rhymes worthy of Ogden Nash.” – The New York Times

“Richman didn’t need much else besides a beat to work his magic.” – New York Daily News

“Richman is one of America’s most unique and dynamic songwriters…”

“Buy tickets early. Buy tickets often. This is just good general life advice, but even more so when you’re talking about Jonathan Richman. Don’t get denied at the door, don’t leave things up to chance: You will regret it.”

“Richman has spent decades removing barriers between himself and his audience, cultivating an intimacy that is almost extinct modern music.” – Nashville Scene

Jonathan Richman chooses not to participate in online culture, and does not have any direct communication with Blue Arrow Records website, facebook, instagram, or twitter. Everything is submitted and managed by his record label Blue Arrow Records. For press inquiries, please contact:

Just A Spark, On Journey From Dark


10/07 – St. Paul, MN: Fitzgerald Theatre
10/08 – Milwaukee, WI: Wilson Theatre at Vogel Hall
10/10 – Louisville, KY: Zanzabar
10/11 – Louisville, KY: Zanzabar
10/12 – Oberlin, OH: Oberlin College
10/13 – Rochester, NY: JCC Hart Theatre
10/15 – Albany, NY: The Egg Center
10/17 – Portland, ME: Space Gallery
10/18 – Portland, ME: Space Gallery
10/19 – Portland, ME: Space Gallery
10/20 – Somerville, MA: Somerville Theatre
10/21 – Somerville, MA: Somerville Theatre
10/22 – Somerville, MA: Somerville Theatre
10/24 – Baltimore, MD: The Patterson
10/25 – Blacksburg, VA: The Lyric Theatre
10/27 – Asheville, NC: The Grey Eagle
10/28 – Savannah, GA: Lodge of Sorrows
10/29 – Atlanta, GA: Terminal West
11/01 – New Orleans, LA: Toulouse Theatre
11/03 – Austin, TX: The Continental Club
11/04 – Austin, TX: The Continental Club
11/06 – Madrid, NM: Mining Time Studio