Carpark Sci-Fi

Carpark Sci-Fi, also known as Gav Cowley, is a stalwart of  the underground scene of Dublin, Ireland. With a long-standing presence, Cowley has been a prominent songwriter, initially with the bands Boxes and later with Glimmermen. His contributions to these bands have resulted in the release of several records, featuring notable recordings produced by esteemed figures such as Steve Albini and J.Robbins.

In recent years, Cowley has dedicated his efforts to refining his songwriting skills and exploring new avenues for self-expression through music and art. This artistic journey has culminated in his latest project, Carpark Sci-Fi, where his visual art and songwriting converge and intertwine. This unique approach allows him to create a profoundly personal and distinct experience for his audience during his live performances.

Cowley's debut release for Blue Arrow Records, the 6-track EP titled 'This Is,' was recorded over a span of two days at The Meadow in Co. Wicklow. The EP showcases his artistic evolution and serves as a testament to his growth as a musician and songwriter. With Rian Trench at the helm as the recording engineer, 'This Is' encapsulates Carpark Sci-Fi's captivating and multifaceted musical style.

CARPARK SCI-FI  THIS IS,  Digital download and CD.    RELEASE DATE: June 2, 2023

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