About The Label

Blue Arrow Records began as a brick-and-mortar record shop in Cleveland Ohio in 2009; in 2015 we expanded our award winning store to include our own record label.

We signed our first artist in February 2015, JONATHAN RICHMAN. Jonathan Richman has been writing songs and making records for most of his life, A “musician’s musician,” he formed the Modern Lovers in the early 1970s and has continued to write prolifically and tour in support of his solo records with drummer Tommy Larkins.

Releases on Blue Arrow Records

  • BAR001 2015 Jonathan Richman O Sun/ Wait Wait ( 7" Vinyl / Digital)
  • BAR001 2015 Jonathan Richman Keith/ They Showed Me The Door To Bohemia (7" Vinyl/ Digital)
  • BAR003 2015 Jonathan Richman Ishkode! Ishkode! (LP/CD/Digital)
  • BAR004 2016 Bad Luck Jonathan S/T ( LP/CD/Digital)
  • BAR005 2016 Ethan Daniel Davidson Crows/Beast ( 7" Vinyl/Digital)
  • BAR006 2016 Jonathan Richman That's All We Need At Our Party/Sad Trumpets Of Afternoon (7" Vinyl/ Digital)
  • BAR007 2017 Stutter Steps S/T EP (LP/CD/Digital)
  • BAR008 2017 Ethan Daniel Davidson Crows (LP/CD/Digital)
  • BAR009 2018 Jonathan Richman Penchant For The Stagnant/Not So Much To Be Loved As To Love (7" Vinyl/Digital)
  • BAR010 2018 Jonathan Richman Penchant For The Stagnant/Not So Much To Be Loved As To Love (7" Vinyl/Digital)
  • BAR011 2018 Part-Time Lover Everything In Season/Magic Child/DayGlow Lemon Yellow Tongue (7" Vinyl/Digital)
  • BAR012 2018 Jonathan Richman SA (LP/CD/Digital)
  • BAR013 2019 Stutter Steps Reeling (LP/Digital)
  • BAR014 2020 Ethan Daniel Davidson Come Down Lonesome (LP/CD/Digital)
  • BAR015 2020 Will Rigby Sin Corazón (Digital)
  • BAR016 2020 Jesse DeNatale The Wilderness (CD/Digital)
  • BAR017  2021 Jonathan Richman   Just A Spark On Journey From The Dark (CD,digital)
  • BAR018 2021 Stutter Steps   Lift bw The Bend (7 inch vinyl, digital)
  • BAR019  2021 Cory Grinder & The Playboy Scouts Honky Tonk Beauty Supreme (LP, CD, digital)
  • BAR021 2022 Seedsmen To The World (digital)
  • BAR022 2022 Ethan Daniel Davidson Stranger (LP, digital)
  • BAR023 2022 1X4X9 leaving (LP,CD, digital, cassette)
  • BAR024 2022 Jonathan Richman Cold Pizza & Other Hot Stuff (CD, digital)
  • BAR025 2023 Jesse DeNatale The Hands of Time (LP, CD, digital)
  • BAR026 2023 The Wind-Ups Jonathan Says b/w Medusa (7 inch vinyl, digital)
  • BAR027 2023 Jonathan Richman Yatasamaroun (CD, digital
  • BAR028 2023 Carpark Sci-Fi (CD, digital)
  • BAR029 2023 Behind The Tree (LP, CD, digital, cassette)