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Jonathan Richman


Our first artist signing was JONATHAN RICHMAN. Jonathan's first two releases with Blue Arrow Records were:

• "O Sun" b/w "Wait Wait Wait", 7" Single - BAR-001, 2015

• "Keith" b/w "The Door To Bohemia", 7" Single - BAR-002, 2015

These and all other official authorized JONATHAN RICHMAN merchandise available through the Blue Arrow Records online store.

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*Please note that Jonathan Richman chooses not to participate in online culture, and does not have any direct involvement with the Blue Arrow Records website, facebook, instagram, or twitter. For press inquiries, please contact Debbie Gulyas

Jesse DeNatale

jesse apple

Jesse DeNatale is a singer-songwriter in Northern California. He was born in San Francisco. DeNatale (rhymes with “seen a trolley?”) has been writing songs for as long as he can remember. He has released two critically acclaimed records: Shangri-La West (2000) and Soul Parade (2006). He will be releasing his next record The Wilderness this year, on Blue Arrow Records. His music has been described as evocative, and hopeful, a combination of poetry and storytelling. He is looking forward to recording a backlog of material in 2020.

Stutter Steps

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Warm, melodious indiepop from Pittsburgh, PA. Ben Harrison has drawn from bands like Yo Ya Tengo, Velvet Underground, Luna, The Bats, and Bill Callahan to create evocative melodies and satisfying guitar textures. But Harrison isn’t just making a patchwork quilt of worthy influences. He is blending them together to make his own statement via a warm and instantly familiar set of songs. Sometimes sounding post-punk and sometimes a bit of dusty Americana, with gravelly but melodic baritone vocals that bring to mind DIY godfather Calvin Johnson.

Ethan Daniel Davidson

Ethan Daniel Davidson is one of Detroit’s finest singer songwriters; lyrically and musically expressive. His golden voice is woven through lyrics, haunted and confessional, like a man seeking penance. His talent is highlighted by collaborations with some of Detroit’s finest musicians and troubadours. It is apparent his world travels have informed his music and his style. His songs are vivid memories of experiences: rooms that smell of old books, smoke from oil lamps, and bohemian escapades. All the fears, beliefs, lies, secrets and desires accumulated, observed and turned into emotional verse that blurs the line between personal and universal. Davidson creates an intimacy and connection with his audience that is deepened by the timeless nature of his storytelling.

The Wind-Ups

The Wind-Ups are back, and still pushing ¼” tape into the red with their brand of stripped-down earworm punk and power pop out of Northern CA. Their latest release (and first for Blue Arrow) is “Jonathan Says,” a 7" tribute to Jonathan Richman, and the first single off their forthcoming second LP.

Carpark Sci-Fi

Carpark Sci-Fi, also known as Gav Cowley, is a stalwart of  the underground scene of Dublin, Ireland. With a long-standing presence, Cowley has been a prominent songwriter, initially with the bands Boxes and later with Glimmermen. His contributions to these bands have resulted in the release of several records, featuring notable recordings produced by esteemed figures such as Steve Albini and J.Robbins.

In recent years, Cowley has dedicated his efforts to refining his songwriting skills and exploring new avenues for self-expression through music and art. This artistic journey has culminated in his latest project, Carpark Sci-Fi, where his visual art and songwriting converge and intertwine. This unique approach allows him to create a profoundly personal and distinct experience for his audience during his live performances.

Cory Grinder & The Playboy Scouts


“On my honor I will do my duty to Two Step Dancers and Honky Tonkers everywhere.” Cory Grinder learned his way around country music playing fiddle on street corners, at flea markets, and of course honky tonks. Grinder started his own band in 2016 when multiple hillbilly groups he played fiddle with fizzled out. Along with some other displaced musicians from these bands, The Cory Grinder Band was formed.


1x4x9 is a Los Angeles-based, musical collective, coordinated by Greg Wooten, exploring the collaborative spirit via atmospheric instrumental soundscapes.

Seedsmen To The World

A collaboration between the cascading soundscapes of Detroit’s Infinite River (Joey Mazzola, Gretchen Gonzales, Warren Defever) and folk troubadour Ethan Daniel Davidson, Seedsman to the World entrance with a slow-burning, hypnotic drone. Davidson's haunting vocals evoke bygone memories; as songs gradually unfold, each track lingers on the edge of the familiar. Through heavy waves of feedback and fuzz, the album opens to epic expanses of a sound that crackle like half remember dreams. Seedsmen seamlessly blend the dark currents of drone with the mournful confessionals of American folk for an otherworldly ode to songwriters past, as intimate as it is remote.

Bad Luck Jonathan


Bad luck Jonathan was formed on an island off the coast of the Pacific Northwest in very specific circumstances. The band features members of The Mekons, Waco Brothers, Whiskeytown and Jesus Jones. Self described “VOODOO SOCIALIST SPACE ROCK for this moment, ” Bad Luck Jonathan’s first album is a fantastic example of what happens when you put five extremely talented musicians with a penchant for rowdy, raucous music and behaviour on an island in the Pacific North West and leave them to their own devices. Jon Langford (Mekons , Waco Brothers) considered going home to sleep after a concert, but Phil Wandscher (Whiskeytown) and Martin "Blueshammer" Billheimer want to travel to the other side of the island where there was a great bonfire. They go to the pyre and lit the flame under his Welsh ass rocked after all ... bass and drummer Joe Camarillo (Waco Brothers) Alan Doughty (Jesus Jones) were installed and quickly created albums for Blue Arrow Records in Cleveland. Space rock with shades socialist pagans .

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