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NEW RELEASE: The Wilderness by Jesse DeNatale

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 2020 (Cleveland Ohio): Blue Arrow Records is excited to announce The Wilderness the new full-length album from Jesse DeNatale, available December 2, 2020.

Jesse DeNatale has been writing songs for as long as he can remember, which is evidenced by the seemingly effortless crafting of the twelve songs that create The Wilderness. DeNatale’s keen observations ​make for evocative lyrics ​while still keeping the album hopeful and optimistic. ­The Wilderness, ​is a collection of songs that seem both timeless and specific.  His rich vocals and musical arrangements recall a time past while the references to California wildfires and police shootings place him firmly in today’s context. Jesse DeNatale, a true bard, lets us travel through time via his storytelling ability; an expert to guide us through The Wilderness


Listen to THE WILDERNESS here