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“Just A Spark On Journey From The Dark” New Monthly Broadcast From Jonathan Richman

Blue Arrow Records announces new music by Jonathan Richman presented in monthly installments in a broadcast called “Just A Spark On Journey From The Dark."

Also featuring other noted musicians from time to time making their own presentations of interest.

A show with new studio recordings, maybe recordings of other people and maybe a guitar instrumental each show.


1. Just A Spark On Journey From The Dark
2. Introduction
3. No One On This Earth Gets Me Like She Does
4. Maybe A Walk Home From Natick High School
5. Just A Spark On Journey From The Dark (reprise)


All Songs Written by Jonathan Richman
Recorded by Jake Sprecher at The Cottage in Chico, CA
Mixed by Jake and Jonathan
Tambura: Nicole Montalbano
Organ: Jake

Photo: Robert W. Hart
releases September 1, 2020

Second episode will be available September 15th, 2020